S O U L †P U R P O S E

In existence since 2001, Souljourn was conceived as a resource for travelers seeking fresh ideas, focused recommendations and personalized service. Designing customized, independent international itineraries is our specialty and we greatly value the process of working closely with our clients to not simply to send them on a trip, but match them with an experience that allows them to see the world from a new perspective.†Small by design Souljourn understands relationships are at its core and strives to deliver a personal touch in an industry that becomes more automated by the day. If you have an incurable case of wanderlust and are looking for a more satisfying and complete travel experience, Souljourn might be a good fit. We work best with those who are most at home when they are not!


Hello. Iím Wes and Iím a fan of the foreign and unfamiliar. Never outside of the US until my Bermuda honeymoon until 1996, I immediately caught a raging case of the travel bug and have since then done all I can to consistently put myself in the position of being a stranger in a strange land. Sharing my love of travel is my wife Penny, who along with our children, Max and Remy, view travel as a lifelong pursuit that helps us appreciate what we have and allows us to marvel at the diverse range of sights, sounds, smells and tastes the world has to offer. Experience collectors, I guess you could call us.